• Antique Japanese Korean Gohon tea bowl Early Joseon dynasy



Antique Japanese Korean Gohon tea bowl Early Joseon dynasy  (Dealer: misakadou) – Well-used ‘Korai jawan’ (= Korai chawan / lit. ‘Goryeo tea bowl’) of Gohon type as the model or the good example of what chawan has to be with detailed preferences, fired in Busan kiln in Korea by order from Japan, as considered. Very fine taste and expression by high frequency of use, with aged gold repairs (kintsugi). Quite a profound presence as is. In fine practical antique condition, with the arrangement for smooth use by rubbing ‘mikomi’ inner part as seen. Missing its attached wooden box and shifuku pouch arranged by ‘chajin’ (tea connoisseur) as its former owner unfortunately, just in case. approx. D 13-13.5 cm (5.11-5.31in), H 8 cm (3.14in)

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