JUZU, 19c

  • Antique Japanese Satsuma Ceramic Juzu Rosary 19c -1



Antique Japanese Satsuma Ceramic Juzu Rosary 19c  (Dealer: minakata antiques) – ‘Juzu’ used for counting the number of times of invoking mantra or Buddhist prayer, for the purpose for purification of the mind. The number of bead is multiples of 9 which has to be the integral number that can divide 108 of earthly desires. Quality masterpiece of miniature art as a ceramic art piece hand-painted within only 1cm in diameter, from Satsuma, kyushu region. Attached with wooden box. approx. Diameter of bead: 1 cm (0.39in), Total length with string: 23.4 cm (9.21in)


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