• Antique Japanese Lacquered Kutsuki Large Katakuchi Lipped Bowl



Antique Japanese Lacquered Kutsuki Large Katakuchi Lipped Bowl  (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Large ‘katakuchi’ lipped bowl (for pouring sake) carved out from a single piece of wood by the wheel, which was made in Kutsuki village in Shiga prefecture as the birthplace of the nomadic woodworkers called ‘Kijishi’. Late Edo period. Usually used for celebration banquet, but specially this piece suggests to be used itself for birthday celebration of children for its design of a Chinese character of “shu” (species) which means prosperity of descendants. Kijishi was coexistent with nature and its cycle to live in the mountains and wandered from place to place to make the wooden household wares for the local people of each place, and they were socially positioned as a sort of “untouchable” group of people of the lowest social group at that time in Japan when the residential people like farmers were the majority. The roots of the method of carving wood by wheel or their lacquer technique are considered to be from Kutsuki region and the method was handed down to the various places in Japan. Refined construction of the gap of spout position is the peculiarity of Kutsuki-made katakuchi. In aesthetic antique condition, with aged scratches and a crack as seen. Please check the pictures carefully and feel free to ask me in advance. approx. Diameter 29cm (11.41in), Height 15.5cm (6.10in)


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