HOKAN – Antique jeweled crown for Hina princess doll 19c      Old Japanese Buddhist bronze shakujo khakkhara rings Edo period      Miniature wooden Shinto Tenjin-sha shrine with God of Learning      SHOKUDAI – Pair of Japanese Buddhist gilt lacquer candlestands      Metal mould of Japanese soft vinyl doll      Antique Japanese copper ewer Meiji-Taisho period      Fragment of kusarikatabira chain armour Edo period      Japanese mingei hatchel or flax comb      Mongolian iron stirrup Qing dynasty      Khmer dynasty Sahari copper mirror 12-14c      Iron Jingasa samurai hat      Shokudai – Custom-made candle stand Edo period      Antique Japanese bronze suiteki water dropper Edo period      Antique Japanese Bronze gourd netsuke with leather pouch Edo period      Kemari by stream – Iron Tsuba handguard with gold and silver relief      Bronze statue of Ippen Shonin by Yushi Ikeda 1962      Two Antique Japanese gilt bronze hikite door pulls Edo period      Imari blue and white porcelain four-sided incense burner















SEKIBUTSU – Japanese stone carving Buddhist image      FOOT OF KOMAINU – Fragment of Japanese stone carving guardian dog      Tsuboishi – Japanese suiseki scholar’s stone















Japanese lacquered canteen Edo period 17c      Antique Korean Joseon black-lacquered bamboo sake cask      CHUKEI – Japanese transformed dancing fan for Noh play      SHOKUDAI – Pair of Japanese Buddhist gilt lacquer candlestands      Japanese Kyo-Negoro lacquered tray Meiji period      Makie lacquered natsume tea caddy with chrysanthemum design Incense container for Japanese incense-smelling ceremony      Nara lacquer ware – Inkstone case with mother-of-pearl      Antique Japanese makie lacquered fumibako letter box      Makie lacquer Byobu-osae screen holders Edo period 19c      Antique Japanese Makie-Lacquered Tortoiseshell Comb 19c      Antique Japanese Tortoiseshell Comb with Makie-Lacquer 19c      Antique Japanese Lacquered Kutsuki Large Katakuchi Lipped Bowl      Antique Japanese makie lacquered-wood serving table      Antique Korean lacquered woven-paper accessory case      Set of 5 Japanese Gold makie lacquered soup bowls      Chinese Qing Dynasty Gold-Lacquered Wood Carving Canopy Ornament