NAMBU-KOEMA - Japanese votive wooden plaque 1744-1747
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NAMBU-KOEMA – Japanese votive wooden plaque 1744-1747 (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – ‘Nambu-Koema’ from around Shichinohe as Nambu area of Aomori prefecture in northern Japan (Tohoku region), defined as the primitive form of ‘Ema’ (lit.‘Horse picture’/ Wooden wishing plaques with painting of horse dedicated to Shinto shrines).
‘Enkyo ?, Sep.17’ (Enkyo=1744-1747 in Edo period), ‘Mirumachi in Shichinohe’ (as the dedicator’s address), and ‘Dedication’ at the front surface, and ‘Fulfilment’ (as the dedicator’s wish) at the backside, as an important historical material with specific date and place.

approx. 20 x 21.8cm (7.87 x 8.58in)



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