• Navagraha Mantra Scroll of Esoteric Buddhism Kamakura period 12c



Navagraha Mantra Scroll of Esoteric Buddhism Kamakura period 12c  (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Scroll of navagraha mantra (invocation for nine planet deities) and its explanation, made at Toji temple as the stronghold of Shingon Mikkyo (Japanese Shingon Esoteric Buddhism) in Kamakura period, 12th century. The most of scrolls from the collection of Toji temple are now important cultural asset, and the provenance of this scroll is The Fujii Eikan Bunko Collection which includes 5 pieces of important cultural asset and 2 of art treasures. (420 pieces of the collection are stocked at Ritsumeikan University today.) Shingon Mikkyo was formed to be mixed with Mikkyo (Esoteric Buddhism) and Sukuyodo (the astrology based on the Xiuyaojing influenced by Indian astronomy or astrology and Hellenism) which were brought to Japan by Kukai (774-835), and changed to the distinct “Japanized” form to arrange with new interpretation; such as (1) Each of navagraha (nine planet deities) was assigned Bosatasu (Bodhisattva) or Nyorai (Tathagata) with each different invocation. (2) Bonji (Indian Sanskrit characters) as the original Buddhist words is regarded as important because the words of invocation itself are believed to have substantive power. (3) Bonji used by Shingon Mikkyo had the distinct hidden meaning (Siddham characters) as the original Sanskrit characters don’t have. Very rare and important scroll as twofold meaning, since it was flown out from Toji temple in the era of persecution of Buddhism by Meiji Restoration, then came out from The Fujii Eikan Bunko Collection before it was stocked at Ritsumeikan University. approx. 17.4 x 188cm (6.85 x 74.01in)


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