BOY – Anonymous portrait painting of Postwar Japan      HAGOITA – Old Japanese wooden battledore      Sketchbook of Otowa Mamoru 1899-1902      Stand chatting with Buddha – Bhutanese hand-painted Buddhist picture      SHUNGA – Japanese hand-painted caricature Edo period 19c      CLIMBING TIGER – Japanese hanging scroll Edo period      EMA OF SNAKE AND COCK – Two Japanese votive wooden tablets      PAINTING OF TANK – Air gun target of Japanese military training 1926      EMA OF HORSES – Two Japanese votive wooden tablets      Ema votive tablet of praying woman in kimono      Outlanders - Japanese handpainted fragmentary leaf 19c      Unfinished Ema votive tablet      WHORL – Japanese art brut abstract painting      Derori style painting, Calligraphy practice of mother and child      Japanese hanging scroll of hand-painted scene in Hell 1927      Navagraha Mantra Scroll of Esoteric Buddhism Kamakura period 12c















A-UN – Pair of Japanese coloured Inari fox clay dolls      FOX GODS – Pair of Japanese votive Inari clay dolls      SEKIBUTSU – Japanese stone carving Buddhist image      Japanese colored wood carving Buddhist image with halo      FOOT OF KOMAINU – Fragment of Japanese stone carving guardian dog      ONE OF FOUR DEVAS – Japanese wood carving Buddhist figurine      FOX GODS – Pair of Japanese Inari clay dolls      Japanese Buddhist goma clay gods in the box      Wood carving Kannon Bodhisattva statue      Excavated Korean castle rooftile 4-10c      Fragment of Japanese hoju orb gargoyle roof tile      Thousand-armed Kannon Avalokiteshwara statue without arms and face      Folk wooden horse toy of Shinshu region      Japanese black clay Inari fox Edo period      Kamadomen – Japanese folk wooden mask of god of stove      Wood carving Ebisu and Daikoku in zushi shrine altar      Wooden vase made of Kamakura lumber remnant      Yokogi – Japanese mingei wood carving sea bream      Wakashu – Japanese wooden Kagura young man mask      Fragment of antique Japanese wooden Kagura mask      2 Antique Japanese Tohoku Sentaibutsu wooden Buddha statues      Set of 4 antique folk Japanese wood carving Dososhin deities      Wood carving Buddhist goddess of seated Benzaiten Early Edo period      Gilt-wood figure of seated Horse-headed kannon with three faces      Primitive Japanese Folk Buddhist Wood Carving Bishamonten Statue      Chinese Qing Dynasty Gold-Lacquered Wood Carving Canopy Ornament      Antique Japanese antler netsuke with leather pouch Edo period      Japanese wood carving Myoo statue Muromachi period      Primitive Japanese Folk Wooden Votive Shinto Mask Edo-Meiji period 19c      Antique Japanese lacquered kogo incense container       Antique Japanese Makie-Lacquered Tortoiseshell Comb 19c      Antique Japanese Tortoiseshell Comb with Makie-Lacquer 19c      Antique wooden mold for Japanese paper mache doll’s head      Bronze statue of Ippen Shonin by Yushi Ikeda 1962















WARAJI – Set of 10 Japanese straw sandals Edo period      OBJECT – Vintage Japanese wooden spool with indigo blue thread      PURSE MADE OF BAGWORM AND SNAKESKIN      FOX GODS – Pair of Japanese votive Inari clay dolls       A-UN – Pair of Japanese coloured Inari fox clay dolls      FOX GODS – Pair of Japanese Inari clay dolls      OTEGAMI-SAMA – Handmade folk god figure by Jinta      Excavated Korean castle rooftile 4-10c      Savings box of Japanese Inari god clay doll      Fragment of Japanese hoju orb gargoyle roof tile      Japanese black clay Inari fox Edo period      Skeleton of Bodhisattva clay figure      Furui – Japanese woven sieve with boro repairs      Daruma savings box      Netsuke of Onmyoji subordinating ogre      Ichimatsu Ningyo – Japanese traditional doll      Antique Japanese tobacco pouch and silver kiseru pipe     Japanese Kinkarakawa leather pouch with frog metal fitting      Ainu tribal ritual mat Nikapunpe Inawso      Variety of Japanese antique comb and hairpin altogether      Japanese mingei wild vine basket      Radical vintage Japanese woven bark and vine basket 20c