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Misakadou is a Japanese antique shop originally established in 1955 by my grandfather, Shokurou Tomisawa as the founder, then I have succeeded to this shop since 2003 - specialized in the Japanese religious art pieces of Buddhism, Shintoism, and the folk belief mainly, and also handled the unique pieces of ceramic, textile, and folk art ('mingei'). Especially regarding the religious art pieces acquired by my own network as the strong point, its quality and its scarcity value are giving the customers of the enthusiastic collectors certain confidence as my achievement in Japan.

From the ancient times of Japan, this country has generated the wide variety of peculiarities through the unique environment caused by such the long and narrow land extending in east and west, hence such peculiarities always inspire me a lot as the every single acquisition is the new discovery for me. I hope to share with you the new discovery and its pure impression through offering my collection of the Japanese antique beyond your expectations, without being shackled by the existing stereotype.

Akihiro Shirato



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