A-UN SHISHI-KOMAINU (Dealer: titcoRet) – Pair of aged clay ‘Shishi-Komainu’ (Shinto guardian lion and dog) dolls once been dedicated to ‘kamidana’ (household Shinto shrine) in an old Japanese house for many years dated back to the Meiji period (1868-1912). The open mouth shishi wards off evil spirits, and the closed mouth komainu keeps good spirits in, as ‘a-un’ (inspiration and expiration, or alpha and omega) relationship. Shishi: approx. H 11cm (4.33in), Komainu: approx. H 12cm (4.72in). In such naturally and aesthetically well-sooted condition, with some damage (chip at komainu’s tail) due to age as is as seen.



Sold, Thank you.



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