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AKIBA-SANJAKUBO-DAIGONGEN – Hanging scroll of Long-nosed goblin (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – A man of ‘Shugenja’ mountain ascetic of Shingon Esoteric Buddhism who relied on the place of ascetic practices called ‘Sanjakubo’ and rode white fox like flying to a place was identified with ‘Tengu’ long-nosed goblin, and worshipped as the god of fire calamity, ‘Akiba-Gongen’. By the way, the name of ‘Akihabara’ in Tokyo comes from ‘Akiba-Gongen’.
Beautiful tricolour of the blue on the back standing for water, the white of fox, and the red of fire on his back. The face of this ‘Akiba-Gongen’ impressively expresses the Westerner face of ‘Tengu’ influenced from the Western angel as another highlight of this painting. Hand-painting on paper. Bunkyu 3 (1863), Edo period, Japan. Aged deterioration as seen. Lack of right roller ends.

Scroll: approx. 110 x 35.5cm (43.30 x 13.97in) / Painting: approx. 57 x 26cm (22.44 x 10.23in)



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