BEWARE OF FIRE (Dealer: hotoke) – Scarce hanging scroll of magico-religious ‘gofu’ (woodblock print talisman) with the pictographic slogan word of protection against fire, – ‘Hi (no) Yo Jin’ (Beware of fire), originally distributed to the people from the descent of Akiha shrine which enshrines ‘Akiba-Daigongen’ as God of fire prevention related deeply with *Shugendo as its roots. Early 20th century, Japan. Significant Shugendo designs with “hoju (precious stone)”, “sun and moon”, “birds”, “dragons”, etc.. Damaged condition with a wire (replaced from tattered string) and a lack of roller-ends as is. approx. 99.5 x 29cm (39.17 x 11.41in)

*Shugendo – Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts


Sold, Thank you.


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