BYOBU (Dealer: titcoRet) – Unique and lovely ‘byobu’ folding screen with aged ‘yamato-e’ Japanese classical decorative painting and ‘kasen-e’ painting of immortal poets and its poems used as ‘kekkai’ barrier for screening the time and the space off for ‘sencha’ tea ceremony possibly because of its size and its form. Such flow of a river and beautiful harmonious colors as a unique landscape in quite curiously aesthetic composition with round mountain, a bird, and a house. Originally Edo period, 19th century. (mounted in the later years probably) Aged deterioration and a large tear as seen, and very delicate make with paper hinge joint as is. Opened: approx. W 120.5cm (47.44in), H 39.5cm (15.55in) / Closed: approx. W 83cm (32.67in)


Sold, Thank you.


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