CHIBUGWAA BY SEISHO KUNIYOSHI (Dealer: hotoke antiques) – Particularly so tiny but magnificent pottery cup for the use of tasting ‘Kusu’ (Old ‘Awamori’ (Okinawan millet brandy)) called ‘Chibugwaa’ in Okinawan language (or ‘Chibugwer’ or sounds like that / lit. “Bean-cup”) made by an Okinawan local potter of the genius, Seisho Kuniyoshi (1943-1999) who had careered along to keep himself above all the “vulgarity” around him as an artist who did focused on “flame and clay” through his entire life until commit suicide by fire. He is now getting more known in Japan lately and highly applauded after his death as finally, like van Gogh as a potter as a fate. Carved ‘ku’ as his sign at bottom. Quite a scarce type among his works.

approx. D 3.8-4.0cm (1.49-1.57in), H 3.0-2.7cm (1.18-1.06in)



Sold, Thank you.



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