Congratulation – Japanese outsider art brut calligraphy  (Dealer: hotoke antiques) – Interesting, unique, and aesthetic, really. Written “Congratulation” (‘Omedetau’, but ‘Omedeto’ actually) in infantile Japanese ‘Katakana’ style at first sight, but not by “just a child” perhaps for its line and its composition (by my insight as a Japanese who do write the Japanese language). But, really never knows its identification except a female writer name of “Reiko” of natural mirror writing. Arranged to be a ‘Kakejiku’ hanging scroll as a Japanized artwork for ‘tokonoma’ alcove. Just aesthetic, interesting, and unique as is. Total: approx. L 199.5 cm (78.54in), W 49.5 cm (19.48in)


Sold, Thank you.



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