ISHIZARA PLATE (Dealer: hotoke) – Old Japanese mingei Seto stoneware plate called ‘Ishizara’ (lit. ‘Stone plate’), Edo-Meiji period, 19th century, approx. D 33.5 x H 6cm (13.18 x 2.36in), once used as a massive platter for the staff meal of an certain old family (as great landowner) in central Chiba area. Folksy and calmly impressive “keshiki” (lit. ‘landscape’) of the texture with fine crackle through such mellow yellowish glaze due to aging as is, with some slight chips as well. Actually I directly acquired total seven plates from this old house as its certain provenance, and selected and listing two different size of plates (slightly different form as well) as seen in the last photo.



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