Antique Japanese Hariko Paper-mache Devil Mask 19th century  (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Paper-mache devil’s mask (Hariko ki-men) made of old Japanese paper (hankoshi. hogogami) applying over wooden mold, with the reinforcement of thin bamboo strip and the attached horns as appendix work, from Late Edo – Early Meiji period. Larger and more steric type of refined make compared to the later works. Originally, ki-men was for praying for the casting out of evil spirits, but it had been changed to the position which should be cast out from the people as it’s the evil spirit itself in the later years. This mass-product item seemed to be sold for the day before the calendrical beginning of spring in the late Edo period, as it’s very rare existing remain for considering of its frangibility. In aesthetic antique condition, with aged damage as seen. Please check the pictures carefully and feel free to ask me in advance. approx. Height 35cm (13.77in), Width 23.5cm (9.25in), Thickness 11cm (4.33in)



Sold, Thank you.



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