Antique Japanese folding screen Hohi Gassen Fart Battle picture scroll  (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Originally a picture scroll (emaki) of very rare motif of Fart Battle (Hohi Gassen) from Muromachi period, 15th century, arranged with folding screen (byobu) in the late Edo – early Meiji period as considered. This motif of Fart Battle painted originally by Toba Sojo a.k.a. Kakuyu as the artist of the famous picture scroll of national treasure, ‘Choju-Giga’ or also painted by Jochi of the same era gained popularity among noblemen in the Heian period, then revived to be its reproduction or the similar motif during the Edo-Meiji period. Although it’s in damaged condition as seen, a very valuable profound art work dated back to the Muromachi period and probably from men of rank or men of letters as its original provenance. Such written eulogy in the various calligraphic styles toward such silly painting shows high refinement of upper class at that time.
Screen: approx. 186 x 69.5 cm (73.22 x 27.36in) / Picture: approx. 127 x 24.5 cm (49.99 x 9.64in)



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