Antique Japanese Ukiyoe Female Pilgrim Edo period 1668



Antique Japanese Ukiyoe Female Pilgrim Edo period 1668  (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Hand-painted Ukiyoe of female pilgrim as very rare motif I haven’t seen before. Besides the quality with detailed expression, it must be also a very important genre-painting as the rare document. Her vest is written the time and address as “Kanbun 8” (1668), “Tsuchinoe-saru” (a combined signs of 1668 used in the sexagenary circle), and “Fushimi-cho”, and also its luxurious kimono with the fancy pattern of butterfly or arabesque is unusual for the dress of pilgrimage as it’s naturally considered to be earlier work before some ban on luxury from the late era of Edo shogunate. Its account book worn on her breast is for votive offering of money, and tells that it’s pilgrimage for the death of her father, but such female pilgrim is very exceptional in the Edo period under severer restriction specially for the female. In fine antique condition with no major damages as seen.

Frame approx. 58 x 33cm (22.83 x 12.99in), Paper approx. 37 x 18cm (14.56 x 7.08in)



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