Japanese Fireman’s sashiko hanten coat 19th century (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – ‘Sashiko-hanten’ (quilted cotton coat) of volunteer firemen in Meiji period succeeding to ‘Ya-gumi’ (Group Ya) as the one of 48 Japanese alphabetical groups in Edo period according to its back design. In fine antique condition with expected signs of actual use as seen.
At that time, the firemen had worn to show plain surface out during the working, then reversed to show its designed surface public to return after extinguished. (Some laborers had often stripped to the waist and show their tattoo.) And, they were recognized as the hero of Edo but at the same time as the gang of outlaws, since they had violently prevented fire progression by crushing the neighbor houses of fire-source instead of fire extinguishing with water.

approx. L 112cm (44.09in), W 57cm (22.44in)



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