FLAMING HALO (Dealer: misakadou) – Japanese Buddhist wood carving of ‘Kaen-Kohai’ (flame-shaped halo) of ‘Fudo Myoo’ (Acala, The God of Fire), in very fine antique condition with fine remains of original coloring, though some broken parts and aged deterioration. Dated back to 16th century at least for sure (as Muromachi-Momoyama period), because of the method of lumbering, the way of chiseling and construction, the pigment, etc. Specially its unique expression of jutting-out fireball at front is quite a rare besides its size, so that it was once enshrined at a certain temple as it’s not a private possession.

approx. H 53cm (20.86in), W 23cm (9.05in), D 13cm (5.11in)
*Please understand in advance that iron display stand in the pics is not attached with this piece.



Sold, Thank you.



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