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Daikoku God – Folk Japanese wooden minshu-butsu statue (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Primitive folk wooden Shinto/Buddhist statue of ‘Daikoku’ carved by a nonprofessional called ‘Minshu-butsu’ (or ‘Minkan-butsu’), dated back to the Edo period, circa 18th century.
Carved only from a single wood, except an insertion of right hand as curiously. (without a small mallet which suppose to have)
In Japan, Daikoku is known as the one of the Seven lucky gods, but originally an incarnation of ‘Siva’ (Hindu god of destruction) called ‘Maha kala’ (means “Great blackness”). Like this weird smile would tell such black memory of the origin…

approx. H 29cm (11.41in)



Item price: $350






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