GAKI – Japanese Buddhist wood carving preta head (Dealer: misakadou) – Impressive fragment (face) of wood carving ‘Gaki’ (Preta) as a hungry ghost who is trod by Tenbu deity (Deva) carved by a very skillful Buddhist sculptor in the Edo period at least (or could be earlier) as originally (According to the size, that Tenbu would be higher than 3m (118in) which makes us imagine easily this size and quality of statue was once enshrined at some influential temple), then arranged by another Buddhist sculptor (or just a sculptor) in later years for art appreciation. High quality, high scarcity, and high encounter. Aged condition as is, with some cracks but unfatal.

approx. H 26cm (10.23in), W 22cm (8.66in), D 15cm (5.90in)



Item price: $750




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