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GANJIN (Dealer: titcoRet) – Japanese wood carving seated image of a Chinese Tang dynastic Buddhist high priest called *’Jianzhen’ (688–763) or ‘Ganjin’ in Japanese, attached with a halo stand applied aluminum driftage to as arrangement.

Image: 19th – early 20th century. approx. 10 x 6cm (3.93 x 2.36in), H 11cm (4.33in)

Aluminum driftage: Postwar days. / Halo stand: approx. H 21.5cm (8.46in)

*Jianzhen (Ganjin) – Chinese monk who helped to propagate Buddhism in Japan. In the eleven years from 743 to 754, Jianzhen attempted to visit Japan some six times. Ganjin finally came to Japan in the year 754 and founded Tōshōdai-ji in Nara. When he finally succeeded on his sixth attempt he had lost his eyesight as a result of his hardship. (Reference from



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