TABAKO BON (Dealer: hotoke) – Wild and massive gnarl ‘tabakobon’ (tobacco tray) with handle, from Honna village (existed in 1889-1897) in Aizu area, Tohoku region, Japan. According to the sign at the bottom, it seems that Mr. Yukishita from Honna village as a blacksmith with the shop name called ‘Hagane-ya’ dedicated this tabakobon named ‘Hagane-ya tabakobon’ to someone or somewhere. Only a tray itself as is, with no ‘hiire’ (charcoal container) or no ‘haifuki’ (bamboo spittoon). approx. 38 x 26cm (14.96 x 10.23in), H 23cm (9.05in)


Sold, Thank you.


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