GOD OF FIRE (Dealer: hotoke) – Old Japanese hanging scroll (made of paper) of The God of Fire as ‘Fudo-Myoo’ (Acala (Wisdom King)), original color painting on silk, Edo period, 19th century, in such damaged condition (just like “survived from fire”?!) with brief repair by tapes at the backside as seen, – with the sign of ‘Gaun’ with red seal which is the same pen name of an ukiyoe painter, Yoshiwara Shinryu (1804-1856) in the similar sign style, or if not, must be the one of masterpieces of old Japanese Buddhist painting (‘Butsuga’) by also a skillful painter at least for sure as either way. Rare find. Total: approx. 182 x 52cm (71.65 x 20.47in)



Sold, Thank you.



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