HORSE TRAPPINGS TO CURSE (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Early 20th century, Japan.

approx. 221 x 30cm (87.00 x 11.81in)
approx. 133 x 66.5cm (52.36 x 26.18in)

Tsutsugaki cotton textiles of ‘haragake’ (horse trapping) as ritual harness, designed with ‘kamon’ family crests (‘agarifuji-mon’ and ‘wachigai-mon’) and the curse word of ‘Otsu-Higashi-cho’ which stands for the original address of Umagami shrine (lit. ‘Horse-God’ shrine) and means as a talisman against the monsters (like ‘taiba’ or ‘giba’) giving unnatural death to horses. In fine antique condition, with some stains and aged restoration as seen.



Sold, Thank you.



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