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REVIVAL OF KASUGA-SUGI HYAKUMANTO (Dealer: misakadou) – ‘kasuga-sugi’ precious wood of Japanese cedar inhabiting only around Mt. Kasugayama in Nara prefecture as the oldest in Shintoism and the most representative ‘shintaisan’ mountain where the divine spirit dwell in. This is the ‘hyakumanto’ (lit. ‘one million pagodas’) made of the kasuga-sugi, as a vintage revival of the original one made in Nara period (710-794) distributed to the adherent in Showa period, 20th century. Certificate stamp at bottom. Attached with a vintage revival of the ‘Daranikyo’ sutra as well.

approx. H 21cm (8.26in), D 10.5cm (4.13in), Paper 5.5 x 32cm (2.16 x 12.59in)



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