Japanese Imari White Porcelain Inari Fox Edo period 18-19c  (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Sacred white fox holding a key for warehouse (kura) as an envoy of the god Inari, which is also a scarce deity image for Old Imari ware (Ko-Imari) as such fox type. (originally a pair) Originally a deity of harvest specially rice, turned to a deity of commerce and agriculture bringing ‘prosperous trade’ and ‘good harvests’ as a deity of good luck, as a miraculous god in later years. Also a presence of fear, though a deity of good luck at the same time, as an interesting example representing the uniqueness of Japanese folk belief. In fine antique condition, with inborn kiln-flaw (kamakizu) at back and soot of incense smoke of when it was actually enshrined. approx. H 14.5 cm (5.70in)



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