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Dazzle-patterned Ryukyu basho-fu abaca fiber textile 19c (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Woven from the fibers of banana tree as ‘Basho-fu’ textile of Ryulyu (Okinawa) and Amami Islands, but designed by extremely rare stencil dyeing with natural blue indigo plant (as the brownish pattern is original surface). Originally, a fragment of the folk everyday wear woven with thicker thread than the delicate high-end were’s for the use of royal families. Again, a very scarce heritage of Ryukyu, by even considering of lack of the large number of usual Basho-fu of today after the Pacific War.

Frame: approx. 44 x 36.5cm (17.32 x 14.37in)


Item price: $330






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