INSTALLATION presented by 畳 t a t a m i (organized by gallery takamine)

August 28–30, 2015 / Sayado Hall, Chiba City Museum of Art, Japan


Improvised installation mixing up the modern art pieces and the “Japanized” antique pieces at Sayado Hall of Neo-Renaissance style (originally constructed as the Chiba branch of Kawasaki Bank in 1927). At the same time, Lucie Rie’s exhibition was opened in the same building.

This improvisation was successfully over, and visited by approx. 1200 people through the three days as the result. Some visitors stated the impression as “It was better than main exhibition (Lucie Rie) !”, which was actually thankful honor and great pleasure to the all exhibitors including me as it was also a good start for doing more events presented by tatami itself.

The concept of this event was “Improvised installation” as our basic and essential stance for the first time as tatami’s “off-line” event, so we are going to propose more interesting plans and perfome at several places based on unique concept. Hope to do our event around your place soon.



Photographs by Yasu Matsumoto and Dai Okumura