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Set of Japanese Jotoshiki ceremony decorations Showa 1960s (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Scarce interesting set of a wooden decoration of ‘yabane’ (lit. ‘arrow feather’), a wooden board painting of crane, and two pieces of paper paintings of crane and tortoise which keep evil spirits away from the house and its family, as the traditional articles for use of ‘Jotoshiki’ (Japanese roof-laying ceremony) which is a unique custom of Japanese architecture originated from Heian period (794-1185) with the Chinese geomancy based on the thought of Wu Xing from ancient China. Those all decorations are made by the carpenters themself, and only decorated for the day of Jotoshiki ceremony.
Yabame is broken from center, wooden board has crack and its color is faded, and the paper paintings are repaired, as seen.

Yabane – approx. L 94cm (37in)
Board – approx. 62.5 x 57cm (24.60 x 22.44in)
Paper – approx. 29 x 25cm (11.41 x 9.84in)



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