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KAINEI BOWL  (Dealer: minakata antiques) – Kainei (Hoeryong) pottery bowl, Joseon dynasty, Korean Peninsula, 15-19th century, approx. D 15.8cm (6.22in), H 8.2cm (3.22in), defined often as an original form of Japanese Karatsu chawan. Coming from private collection of a certain collector as its provenance. Coated in pale blue ‘madara’ flambe glaze as the roots of the highly-praised Japanese Madara-Karatsu ware’s, and with such flowing landscape composed of “accidental” iron glaze caused by its leaning position in kiln-firing. Besides, with unique landscape of a “swell” nearby ‘mikomi’ (inner center part) which was caused by such unintentional left-leaning as well. Aesthetic creation made of some coincidences as is, with 11 spots of ‘kin-naoshi’ (gold restorations) and hairline crack at mikomi as seen. Attached with a paulownia wood box.



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