KAMI (Dealer: hotoke) – Single kanji character-like pair of ‘Yorishiro’ (Symbolic object representative of divine spirit (“Kami”) as the Shinto offering) composed of metal ‘Gohei’ and ‘Dokyo’ (Bronze mirror) once been dedicated to ‘Kamidana’ (Household Shinto shrine) in an old Japanese house for many years, originally dated back to the late 19th – early 20th century.

Gohei: Metal type is very rare, since usually made of paper. Aged kanji sign of ‘Hono’ (“Dedication”) at wooden prop. Shinto arrangement by me with ‘Hanadome’ (Flower-stopper) of ‘Ryusui-mon’ (Flowing water design) made of lead alloy or bronze which is a flower arrangement tool (for stabilizing the root of flowers), stuffed with the coil of straw string (used for hanging red pepper) for its stability. Total: approx. H 35cm (13.77in), W 22.5cm (8.85in), D 13.5cm (5.31in)

Dokyo: ‘Kamon’ (Family crest) and ‘Namimon’ (Wave pattern) are designed at the backside, primitively and refinedly supported with handmade wooden prop and stand arranged by the former owner. Chip at the edge as seen. Total: approx. H 30cm (11.81in), W 14.5cm (5.70in), D 5.5cm (2.16in)



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