Japanese Early Karatsu tea bowl Shiinomine kiln 17th century  (Dealer: hotoke antiques) – Uniquely different style and taste of scarce and subtle initial Karatsu stoneware tea bowl (Ko Karatsu chawan) from Shiinomine-kiln in Imari, Saga prefecture, Early Edo period, 17th century, as more sensitive and elegant make which is strongly influenced by (or more like synchronized with) Arita porcelain ware if compared to the other rough and wild karatsu chawan of well-known type. Smoothly round chawan of sharp thin-make in lovely palm size, coated in “dried” ash glaze thinly overall, with a modest but “conclusive” quality gold restoration (kintsugi), creates such peerless refined landscape (abstraction) of ‘wabi’ in such subtle depth in progress from the old days, as a sophisticated live tea ware of practical use. In fine antique condition with no leak. Attached with very unique type of wooden box arranged by the former owner as tea ceremony utensil. approx. D 10.3 cm (4.05in), H 5.8 cm (2.28in)



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