Tomihiro Kono   x   t a t a m i   exhibition

KATSURA RIKYU (Wig Antiques)

2019. Apr. 19 – 21
1-25-9 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo

A long time ago, there used to be the two ‘KATSURA RIKYU’ (as the finest examples of Japanese architecture and garden design) at opposite poles in Japan. One is 桂離宮 (lit. ‘Katsura Imperial Villa’) in Kyoto since early-mid 17th century, and another is this カツラ利休 (lit. ‘Wig + (Sen no) Rikyu’) in Tokyo existed for only three days in 2019. Imperial villa and ruined factory. High and raw. Classical and punk. Search and destroy. Tradition and illusion. Sun and moon. Wabi and sabi. You and I. In and out. Wig and antiques. Wow and epic!

Tomihiro Kono :
Hair & Head Prop Artist/ konomad
Based in NY @tomikono_wig

Photographs by Sayaka Maruyama, Dai Okumura