Japanese earliest Ko Iga ware tea bowl 16th century (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Considered as a very rare and unusual reference piece of what the earliest tea ceremonial Iga ware (Ko-Iga) was, though still not getting at the root of this matter today, – as this piece would be an earliest Iga chawan made during the transitional time from everyday ware to tea ceremonial ware in Momoyama period, which is an unusually experimental hybrid work based on the make of supernatural biscuit firing ware as ‘Yamajawan’ (Yama-Chawan / lit. ‘Mountain tea bowl’) coated with rich bidoro glaze by the hands as intentionally. Lacquer-restorations for inborn cracks at mouth-edge, inner center part (mikomi), and foot (kodai). Attached with an aged wood box with sign.

approx. D 145-132mm (5.70-5.19in), H 50-46mm (1.96-1.81in)



Sold, Thank you.



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