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KUBIJIKKEN – Manuscript book of identification of head 1836 (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Old Japanese mystic teaching of ‘Kubijikken’ as the identification of the heads of enemy’s bodies decapitated by the leader samurai himself for distributing honours to his subordinates who brought those dead bodies for the leader, contained very complicated and very weird manners needed for systematized homage of particular militarism (samurai society) in the Sengoku (Civil war) – Edo period. Originally written in Shoo (Joo) 3 (1654), then transcribed in Tempo 6 (1836). “Quite a a secret… It has to be hidden.” at the end of book. This book tells that Japanese people was a member of headhunters until the recent times of 19th century.

approx. 28 x 20cm (23.62in) / 20pp.



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