Guide to clouds – Hand-painted manuscript book of military science 19c  (Dealer: hotoke antiques) – As a rare Japanese manuscript copy in Edo period, ‘Guide to clouds’ (‘Kumo no maki’) as a part of illustrated military science book called ‘Kinetsushu’ which was originally summarized by the founder of Shinkage-ryu school of ‘kenjutsu’ swordsmanship in the Heian period (794-1185), which is about the movement of clouds for augury and strategy in war situation, explained by graffitical 5-colored clouds pictures, as the secret of secrets succeeded to. Handwritten and handpainted. 16 pp. approx. 24.4 x 16.8 cm (9.60 x 6.61in) In very fine antique condition, with expected some moth holes as seen.



Sold, Thank you.



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