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KUROGARATSU CHAWAN  (Dealer: minakata antiques)
Momoyama – Early Edo period, late 16th – early 17th century, Japan

approx. D 10.8-12.0cm (4.25-4.72in), H 7.0cm (2.75in)

Blackish iron-glazed Karatsu ware bowl, so-called ‘Kuro-garatsu chawan’ (lit. Black Karatsu tea bowl), specially categorized into Takeo-type Karatsu ware in the central and the southern part in Saga prefecture.
Solid-make as well-burnt like it sounds metallic sound when tapping it with finger, with the feeling of stiff texture like stone or bone or shell, in unintentionally natural distortion as is. In practical antique condition for use of tea, though the user would be required with a little “tea-whisking” technique because of its inner rough texture (I think you’ll be easily getting used to it after a couple of times of making tea with tea whisk.), and though a little bit unstable for its a little smaller foot with a little distortion. Besides two restorations for small chips, 6cm (2.36in) of ‘yobitsugi’ (traditional restoration substituting the fragment of other pottery from the same kiln for the missing part) at mouth-edge. Also, small chip at foot and stuck pottery-fragments at inner part. Attached with wooden box.



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