KUSHIINADAHIME – Japanese Kagura wood carving mask (Dealer: hotoke) – It’s not a Noh mask of ‘Ko-Omote’, though it looks somehow similar at first sight. This is a unique vintage wooden mask of ‘Kushiinadahime’ (lit. ‘Wondrous Princess Inada’) used for a local kagura dance in Okayama prefecture, called ‘Bicchu Kagura’. She is a goddess (‘kami’) of rice, and the wife of the god ‘Susanoo’ in Shinto myth. In fine vintage condition as is, though used well actually. Signs of ‘Inadahime’ (Princess Inada) and its sculptor’s name, though too faded to identified. Showa period, 20th century. approx. H 21cm (8.26in), W 13.3cm (5.23in), D 6cm (2.36in)



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