MAD POETRY BY SHOKUSANJIN (Dealer: hotoke) – Hanging scroll with such unstrained and refined calligraphy of ‘Kyoka’ (lit. ‘Mad poetry’ – Humorous style of Japanese tanka poetry with joke or irony or satire / ref. by a late Edo-period Japanese poet, ‘Nanpo Ohta’ (1749-1823 / ref. aka ‘Shokusanjin’ (lit. ‘Copper mine man’), circa 1810-1823, Total: approx. 35 x 181.5cm (13.77 x 71.45in). Translated to “At the Sumidagawa River / Even though coming from far away and tired / Don’t tie horses to cherry blossom” (originally composed in March, 1810). Attached with original wooden box signed as a work of Shokusanjin.



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