MAIWAIGI – Japanese fisherman’s celebratory kimono (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – ‘Maiwaigi’ as a custom-made celebratory kimono designed with auspicious ‘tsutsugaki’ picture, presented to a fisherman from a shipowner after a large catch, coming from Boso peninsula in Chiba prefecture, 1920s. In fine used condition as is as seen. From sleeve to sleeve: approx. 130cm (51.18in), Length: approx. 139cm (54.72in), Width: approx. 65cm (25.59in)

Such custom was originated from Boso peninsula in the late Edo period in 19th century, and declined during 1920s. (According to the record in Boso peninsula, the last order was 1928.)
Maiwaigi had been worn by the fishermen at New Year’s banquet that was the only time they were allowed to wear them. (That’s why made with cotton for winter use)
A scarce piece of scarce remains today.



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