NAMU AMIDA BUTSU (Dealer: Jinta) – Dynamic original makuri calligraphy of the six-character of Japanese Buddhist invocation as ‘Na-Mu-A-Mi-Da-Butsu’ (as ‘Namu Amida Butsu’) in *‘Hihaku-tai’ (Blurring-brush style). Early Showa period, 20th century. approx. 31.5 x 95cm (12.40 x 37.40in)

*‘Hihaku-tai’ – Unique graffitical style of decorative kanji calligraphy originated by Cai Yong (132-192 / a Chinese scholar of the Eastern Han Dynasty, who was well-versed in calligraphy, music, mathematics and astronomy), brought to Japan by Kukai (774–835 / a Japanese Buddhist priest, civil servant, scholar, poet, and artist) in after years.

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