MANDALA OF NAMU AMIDA BUTSU STUPA (Dealer: hotoke) – Quite a sophisticated and unique Japanese hanging scroll with mandala in the shape of ‘Bussharito’ (Buddhist stupa) composed of only the myriad of the calligraphed six kanji-character of Buddhist invocation as ‘Na-Mu-A-Mi-Da-Butsu’ (as ‘Namu Amida Butsu’ = Homage to Amida Buddha), with the sign of original provenance as its receiver’s name, its dedicator’s name with his place (Tamba in Yamabe rural districts, Nara prefecture), and its date (September 30, Meiji 40 (1907)) at the backside. Really not sure it’s completed or somehow unfinished as a very rare piece (see photo#9), but for sure it’s just a masterpiece as it is as seen. Expected aged deterioration with some crinkle, small holes (specially one small hole at calligraphy. See the lower part of photo#4), and a lack of one side of scroll ends (see photo#11).

Total: approx. 184.5 x 72cm (72.63 x 28.34in)


Sold, Thank you.


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