MATERIAL AND IMMATERIAL (Dealer: Jinta) – Originally those are measuring aluminum chips for making ‘wagashi’ (Japanese-style confectionery).
One day, I brought those to local blacksmith and asked the worker with a cigarette in his mouth to throw those into the fire.

He said, “I really don’t know what’s gonna be… So, are you sure?”
Then, he started with concern. Silence.
After a while, then at the end.
He said contentedly, “Nice form, isn’t it?!”
He lighted up another cigarette, then asked me, “By the way, what you gonna do with it?!”

Round: approx. 13 x 13cm (5.11 x 5.11in), Stick: approx. 15 x 8cm (5.90 x 3.14in)



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