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MUNJADO – Korean folk letter paintings (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – ‘Jae’ (Brotherly love towards siblings and neighbors) and ‘Shin’ (Faith and trust), as moral and auspicious Chinese letters ornamented with symbols pertaining to the meaning of the calligraphied Chinese characters based on blurring-brush style of ancient China, which is a particular form of Art of ‘Minhwa’ (Korean folk painting) called ‘Munjado’. Early 20th century. Originally painted by a wandering painter as the gratitude for the hospitality of the village people who make him stay in some days, then handed down and applied to the picture of folding screen in the later years as known generally. The condition is as is as seen.

approx. 565 x 290mm (22.24 x 11.41in)



Item price: $300






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