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NAMBU SAKIORI – Japanese Boro-woven cotton textile (Dealer: Sezuan antiques & art) – Indigo or monochromatic colored ‘Sakiori’ is woven cotton textile produced from worn out cloth (‘Boro’) with a woof made of cloth or silk and torn into thin strips and often used to be made all over Japan, but ‘Nambu-Sakiori’ used gorgeously warm colored (red or yellow) textile mainly is only produced from the southern part of Aomori prefecture, including the local people’s longing for warmth and splendor as they were living in cold weather and intemperate climate of the northernmost area in Japan defined so until the Meiji period. In actual used condition for daily use, but very fine state of preservation. Meiji – Early Showa period, early 20th century. approx. 161 x 154cm (63.38 x 60.62in)



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