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NEGORO YAKKI (Dealer: misakadou) – ‘Negoro Yakki’ (Negoro-lacquered medicine container) applied to use of tea caddy for ‘usucha’ (thin tea) by Japanese ‘chajin’ (tea-masters / tea-connoisseurs) through the history. Although attached with a wooden box signed ‘Muromachi period’ (1333-1573) by the former owner, this piece would be made in later years like Meiji period in 19th century as a quality ‘utsushi’ (re-creation) of aged piece of Muromachi period by a Nara-lacquerer in my opinion, though it’s so difficult to identify its certain age because of its exquisite reproducibility by such skillful craftsman specially in Nara area as defined. Crack at lid, but no fatal damage for actual use. Attached with ‘shifuku’ (pouch) besides paulownia box. approx. H 8.5cm (3.34in), D 8cm (3.14in)



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