OGRE WITH TIGER-PANTS (Dealer: hotoke) – Lovely old pottery figurine of ‘Oni’ (Japanese ogre/demon/goblin) with *tiger-patterned short pants. Showa period, 20th century, Japan. Some stains and flaws due to age as is. Can’t stand on own feet. Attached with wooden box. (But, not attached with metal ball or black object used in the pics). approx. L 11cm (4.33in)

*Why tiger-pants? – “According to the yin and yang, it has been said that North-East is the worst direction in Japan. The North-West is Ushi-Tora (lit. Cattle-tiger) in old terms. As cattle have horns and a tiger has yellow and black striped skin, people imagine that oni have one or two horns and wear tiger patterned pants. ” (Reference: http://kikuko-nagoya.com/html/oni.html)



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