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OKUSO BOWL 01 (Dealer: hotoke antiques) – Quite a deep local mingei folk livingware as a grain-bowl made of tow (from hemp) with waste papers coated in ‘kakishibu’ (persimmon tannin) called ‘Okuso-bachi’ (lit. ‘Hemp-bowl’ in Fukui dialect) used distinctively in Fukui prefecture in Hokuriku region, Japan until Showa 20s (1945-55). Permanently used many times with many restorations with kaishibu-coating, just like ‘boro’ textiles, and more like a formative object like a creature with such organic blackness. Extremely rare piece hardly seen today. In naturally worn‐out condition as is, with black dust.

approx. D 31-28cm (12.20-11.02in), H 9-8cm (3.54-3.14in)



Item price: $300




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